Martyn Richards Research | Creative workshops
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Creative workshops

There are times when the standard research methods just don’t get deep enough.

Qualitative research began by ‘borrowing’ from the world of therapy, but has not kept up with it over recent decades. There are now many successful modes of therapy which align with the creative industries. We can bring learning from these into the world of research.

Creative Workshops can be used to address aspects of product and brand experience, such as feelings about a brand, image or character association with that brand. They also can look into the future, through potential customers’ imaginations.

Martyn's creative and thoughtful approach to consultation with children allows them to do what they do best - stretch their imaginations and contribute in their own style. It is an inclusive process that gets sophisticated responses, going beyond what children think grown-ups want to hear and arriving at a more interesting destination.

Miranda Thain, Creative Producer, Theatre Hullabaloo